The Startup Culture or the race for making mobile apps

Note: This article is not to criticize someone. I respect your creativity. Please read this article till the end to understand what I want to convey.


 If you go to a college or university, meet some start-up enthusiasts and ask them what they want to do, they say they will do a job for a while and do business later. Not bad. But, every other startup idea in the youth’s mind is making an app for solving XYZ problem. 

 I participated in an event, ‘Startup Bootcamp 2021,’ where participants had to present a startup Idea. The best would get a price. All the participants were college students. Guess what. Every startup idea was about a mobile app or some digital platform. Even mine was not much different.

 Why such enthusiasm for software? Well! It’s not our fault. It’s the media that hyped these money-making apps and the IT industry. Startup enthusiasts are under the influence that to become the founder of a successful startup, you want an app. Another reason for this enthusiasm is that it’s easy to place software in the market as it takes less investment.

  One disappointing thing about these people is that they don’t know anything about commerce, finance, and economics.

Quite unconvincing, right? And they want to establish a business.

The underrated market space:

You know what? Our country has a surplus of grains like wheat and rice. Still, there are people in this country who sleep hungry. Still, there are farmers who commit suicide for not being able to pay their debts. Farmers are moving to cities for job search leaving behind their lands uncultivated.

 One of the reasons for this problem is they are undereducated. 

 One other reason is that our agriculture industry is inefficient. 


The scope not discussed

See! I don’t understand this space well. So, I can’t talk about this much. But. I will say that there’s a lot of scope not explored in the Indian agriculture industry.

If we shift our attention from the IT hype to the unexplored and inefficient sectors, I’m sure that wonders will happen.

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