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 I started my first startup project one year before joining my college. Yes, it’s right. It was named ‘Info of books.’  It was a platform where you could find authentic and unbiased reviews of several books and novels. I had a team of content writers some of them were even young published authors. When I started, I had no knowledge of anything, still I took a chance and just got started. I also did a subproject under the same which was Magazine with name ‘Value’ with Ritiqa Pachauri and Sanjay Lunia.

 After two years I ended that project as I was not able to monetize it well. But, during this project I learnt many things and also built a great network and that’s helping me now.  After I closed the project I wasn’t clever enough to take the backup of the website. But, one day I found the some PDF copies of Value magazine and they are here now. You might find flaws in these because I was not that professional when I was working on it.

I am sure you’ll reading these.

Download Value magazine here

August 2020 Edition
September 2020 Edition
October 2020 Edition
Deceember 2020 Edition
January 2021 Edition

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