Building a website with WordPress Vs Hand coding a PHP website

Let’s first discuss what’s PHP and WordPress. PHP is a programming language used for Web Development. Many people say it’s slow and JavaScript is better than PHP. As per my perspective and experience, this statement is not correct at all. Everything has its pros and cons. PHP is easier to learn as compared to JavaScript. If you want to build a simple 6 to 10 page full-stack website, you can do it in less time and effort with PHP than with JavaScript.

Coming to WordPress, it’s a GUI(Graphical User Interface) based framework that can be used to build websites. It is based on PHP and MySQL.

Advantages of WordPress

Since it is GUI based, you don’t need to know programming or coding to build a WordPress website. You get a readymade back-end which you can manage with the help of GUI only. This makes your website super easy to edit and maintain. 

It is a popular framework so cloud service providers like GoDaddy, hostinger, BigRock have come up with solutions wherein you can set up WordPress on your web server with a single click. 

Not only this SEO(Search engine optimisation) with WordPress is also super easy. It provides a good internal linking structure to your website by default. There are inbuilt features that assist you in the SEO audit of your website. So with WordPress, you need not to worry about Technical aspects which affect the SEO of your website.

Sounds cool right?

But despite these massive advantages, why not everyone is using it?

Some cons

One of the disadvantages that every development framework has and WordPress also does is the lack of flexibility. As its code is already designed, you may face a slight lack of flexibility while developing. It’s also difficult to have a custom database. Although it’s open-source and you can manipulate it, it’s better to hand code your website in this case.

 If you try to scale your website in the long term and shift to an Android app or something like that, you’ll face many difficulties if you are starting with WordPress.


If you want to build a personal portfolio, a blog or a simple e-Commerce website, then go for WordPress straight away. Else, do some research and look for some other options too.

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